Where's Your Focus?

Over my years of working with business owners, I've noticed that when I get the "elevator pitch" or ask them "What do you do?" the blank stare comes over their face and the awkward hesitation surfaces.  If only for a brief moment, it is a moment that I recognize and is now apart of their impression on me.  We all get caught up in finding the right words to present our businesses best attributes and capabilities, but sometimes it is not from a lack of knowing what to say but, from a lack of knowing what your business really does, and well.

The vision and thus forward momentum of your business is directly linked to your strategy and focus.  Without knowing what your businesses purpose is, you will have an uphill battle attaining the level of success you desire. Figuring out where your focus is, isn't that hard...no it only takes a dedicated effort to get it done!

I have identified four main business strategies that most every company falls within- Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Niche Market Capture, or Value Based Marketing Strategy.  The strategy category of your business is what will shape the processes, procedures, and outcomes of your business.  Curious to find out why your business is stagnant or maybe you are trying to change the course of the company?  Contact us!

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Sheena Morgan