Are You Ready?

What are you truly willing to give to get your business to the next level? 

That's a question I ask most business owners when they avoid or excuse themselves out of a chance to be the change agent in their own lives and the success of their enterprises. 

I had someone ask me why this course was 12 weeks and proceed to say that people won't commit to it.  Well, you know what, they were probably right, the people who won't commit, aren't the ones that this program is built for.  Now, 12 weeks when you think about it seems like an eternity, but honestly, it's one night a week for 2 hours.  Basically, it would equal to you sitting in front of your tv watching two episodes of the Real Housewives or DIY on Thursday evening.  However, I am not targeting the individuals who are not ready for a change!

You see, not everyone is ready to unleash their leverage and figure out how to gain an advantage over their competition.  Not everyone is ready to set themselves apart from the pack and clearly identify their value-added proposition.  Not everyone desires to grow their business beyond the present state.  There is nothing wrong with this, but for those who are...the opportunity is here.  

So why 12 classes? Because nothing you do well comes easy.  You have to devote, time and effort to learn the tactics that you clearly don't know right now or need to refine, to make you better in the future. 

Why 12 classes? Because there is something invaluable about developing a network with other like-minded entrepreneurs who see the same level of success and possess the same drive as you do.

The decision is always yours.  I simply ask...are you ready?