Power of the Partnership

The truth of the matter is that as a collective community – black-owned businesses overlook the benefits of truly “partnering” with one another to obtain to the greater good. Build your wealth, by building your base.

Networking to Network

Does the idea of meeting complete strangers scare you? Are you timid in a room or the life of the party? Is networking a part of your marketing and business development plan? Networking is critical, we all know that, but how do you break the ice and make an impression without leaving the best parts of your personality on the sideline. Check out this blog for a few helpful hints.

How do you Pivot?

How do business owners make the decision to implement a new process, offer a new product/service and keep their foot on the market share they have now? They utilize the "WOO" - watch the video to find out more!

Business Plans...really?

Do you need a business plan? If you do, what type do you create? Watch this video to find out! Business Plans are the cornerstone of your foundation...don't build your business on shaky ground!