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The Professional Entrepreneur

I never thought that I would own my own business and surely never imagined how passionate I would be about the prospect of working for myself and potentially employing other people! Yet, here I am the owner of Lengo for 3 years and loving every single day!  The only thing is, I am still employed and side note…I enjoy my job.  However, making the transition is not a quick or easy road.  It takes a lot of preparation and planning as well as courage and FAITH!

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Are You Ready?


The benefits of 1:1 coaching...
The support of a network for accountability & insight...
The proven techniques of successful entrepreneurs...

Where can you find this? 🤔

🚨Leverage Unleashed Master Class on September 6th🚨

Learn the methods, receive the coaching and build a network. 
Dedicate yourself to this course and watch your business grow! 💹

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Networking to Network

Does the idea of meeting complete strangers scare you? Are you timid in a room or the life of the party? Is networking a part of your marketing and business development plan? Networking is critical, we all know that, but how do you break the ice and make an impression without leaving the best parts of your personality on the sideline. Check out this blog for a few helpful hints.

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